2017-06-19 08:42:40 by Jiggermoo

To future artists, composers, animators, and programmers:

Always maintain your integrity. My philosophy on commissions is that there are three kinds of commissions you can take:
1.) Free, easy commissions for exposure. These require very little of your time and help to get your name out. I do a lot of these in my spare time because its fun!

2.) Pay-per-project commissions. This is for those of you working with amateurs whom you don't expect to be wildly successful. These commissions take a good amount of time to complete and you are expected to produce quality work. I save this for people who want me to make a lot of music for them. Making music takes time and you should be rewarded for your effort.

3.) %-of-earning commissions.

That third one is very tricky. Too many people get caught up in the wording and forget that the only way you're gonna be making any money off that is if the people you're working with are REALLY good at what they do. Too many people end up making fractions of pennies on the dollar for what could have amounted to literal weeks of work.

Not all of us are in it for the money, but if you do want to make a living off of commissions, DO NOT DO OPTION 3 unless you are 100% positive that the collaborative effort will result in >$1,000 in earnings. I personally have my threshold at >$10,000. To date, I have never worked for a % of earnings and it'll likely stay that way until I meet some more professionals.

And for those of you who say that you are entitled to "this" or "that" because you don't have the money to spend on commissions, just remember that we're all trying to survive out here. A little money for a little quality goes a long way.



Back from the dead

2017-03-31 04:02:10 by Jiggermoo

I've returned to newgrounds after a hiatus of nearly 5 years. I hope to get back to work on music production for all you aspiring animators out there!